Last Game

Play each game like it’s your last because you are never guaranteed another game. Kenna can vouch for this. At the start of her Senior season, she suffered a season ending injury at practice before games even started. Kenna’s injury was a gruesome one when her leg broke in practice one day which in turn required surgery and metal rod down her leg. Even though she could not play, she stayed and supported her fellow Lady Warriors at each game for her Senior season. 

After some time healing and recovering, it was time to finally take some volleyball photos. We had a blast and took some silly photos while dialing in settings for each shot. Making conversation about previous injuries, sporting venues, and plans post high school all while roasting in the gym and locker room as the thermostat must have been set to 105 degrees or so it felt. She wanted one photo of her scar and volleyball and I think we captured it well. 

One thing that popped into my head was scars are just reminders that we have lived…

Below are a few photos from Kenna’s volleyball session.