How does it work?

Public galleries are up for usually a year for ordering prints and downloads. Prints are created in one of WHCC professional labs and mailed to you while downloads can be downloaded straight to a smartphone, tablet, or computer. After the gallery has reached its expiration date on the website, it will be archived and will not be visible for a brief time. During this time, the gallery will be adjusted and publicly accessible again but only Digitals at a higher price will be available for purchase.

Client galleries are up for a few months to a year depending on the kind of package. The same archiving rule will apply to these galleries.

You can use the categories below to find the gallery you seek or try searching for it. Note, Sports galleries will be broken down by sport and season, individual games will be inside the gallery and will not show up on the search results. Example: if you want PH football photos, type in football, not Patrick Henry, to bring up all the Football galleries. Then browse the specific season for Patrick Henry games.