I'm Marcus.

I am based out of Chilhowie, Virginia and I have lived in Southwest Virginia my entire life graduating from a local high school (PH) in the early 2000's. I am the proud dad of four little boys who are now getting into sports and activities that I photograph as well. I have had the privilege to photograph many outstanding student athletes and Seniors from the surrounding high schools while capturing great memories for their families and communities.

I specialize in Sports Photography, Sports Portraits, Seniors, Children Portraits, and I am currently in the process of bring Family Portraits to the mix!

From humble


I wish I could say I was born with a camera in hand and shooting before I could walk but that is not the case here. I'll be honest, there was once a time when Instagram was actually for photos and was not owned by Facebook/Meta and I fell in love with photography with my iPhone 4 (I think it was a 4). It would be a few years before I purchased my first DSLR, a Canon Rebel T2i bundle kit from Walmart. From there, I would shift from landscapes to portraits and sports photography, first shooting for friends and family before going live with clients and investing in new equipment. Today, I am usually the first one to come to mind for a lot of folks in the area for sports photography and they love it when they find out I also do Senior portraits as well!