What do we cover?

From Pee Wee to Varsity and everything in between, let Southwest Virginia Photography capture the moments your athlete playing the sport they love. Don’t worry about trying to capture photos during a big rivalry game. Find a seat, sit back, watch your athlete, and enjoy the game they love to play. Let us worry about getting those sports photos for you and your athlete to cherish for years to come. You can view all sports packages offered on this page. Scroll down to view the available Sports Packages. Keep scrolling to see public galleries from sporting events I have already taken photos at. 

Sports Packages


Game Request

The budget friendly sports package those who want a few good shots of their athlete.

Includes five full resolution downloads.

Discounted Products

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When can I book a sports package for a game?

Anytime! As long as you know the date, time and location of the event you are wanting to book me for. Don’t wait too long though, I usually get booked several weeks out depending on the time of the season.

 Do you shoot more than one client per game?

Yes! So if the start time of the event is not available, that’s probably why. I usually announce games I will be at on social once I’m booked for that event. Do NOT wait, limited spots per event!

How long does it take to get my photos?

Turn around times on sports photos for packages vary depending on the season, how many events I cover that week, and how many clients per game.

Why aren’t your photos up the next day like other photographers?

I am not like most sports photographers in the area that pop in the SD card into their computer and upload photos straight to their sites regardless of quality. I like to process my photos from each event and giving the client the best possible quality photos I can.

Do I get prints?

None of the packages include dedicated prints. All the packages include a gallery to order products from. The smaller packages are downloads only but the larger packages do include a Print Credit that can be used in the gallery on products you wish to purchase. For example, you can get a variety of prints or use the credit towards a larger print or canvas!

How do I redeem my print credit?

To redeem any print credit included in a package, your photographer will send you a promo code. This code will be used at checkout and will credit $X amount to your order. This code is a ONE time used code, any remaining balance not used, regardless of $X, will be forfeited by the client.

**Ex. If you have a $100 print credit and only use $30 of it on an order, you forfeit the remaining $70 balance.**

Can I order prints from different galleries on the same order?

Currently, no. Each gallery has its own separate cart and not universal (hoping this will be a new feature soon). Which, shipping would have to be paid for each order placed and I do not control the shipping prices, that is all the labs pricing.

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