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5-8 Edited Portraits
1 Location
2 Outfits

10-15 Edited Portraits
1-2 Locations
2-3 Outfits
Free Digital Downloads


20-25 Edited Portraits
2-3 Locations
3+ Outfit Changes
Free Digital Downloads
Free 8x10 print

*All sessions include a password protected gallery*


Game Request Game Day All Star
$15 $25 $50
I will travel to your teams school and capture some memories of you & your teammates to keep for a lifetime! Works like a Game request but with focus on your athlete! Five free digital downloads of your choosing in a private gallery! Want some great images of your son/daughter playing the sport they love? I will attend the game of your choice and focus on getting images of your athlete! Once processed, you will receive a personal password protected gallery with ten free digital copies!